RAD Expert Advisor (MT4)


RAD is a simple strategy on the front end with magic on the back end for safe effective returns.

  • Easy to setup. Only uses 1 parameter on the front end (moving average period)
  • Trailing Stop for Entry Trade
  • “Close All” Chart Button
  • Controllable drawdown with MaxLoss
  • Auto Stop Loss feature
  • Three lot size modes {SAFE, MEDIUM, AGGRESSIVE}
  • Works on all time-frames


MagicNumber: Magic Number used for orders

RecoveryTP: Take Profit used if more than one trade of the same type (buy, sell) are open
MA_Period: MA period used for entry calculation

UseTrailingStop: Turns on trailing stop for entry trades
TrailingStart: When to initialize trailing stop in pips

Lot_Mode: Choose from three ways to handle lot sizes {SAFE, MEDIUM, AGGRESSIVE}
Lot_Size: Starting Lot Size
TakeProfit: Take profit for entry trades in dollars
StopLoss: Stop Loss for all orders in pips
UseAutoSL: This will set your stop loss automatically
MaxOpen: Total amount of open trades allowed
MaxLoss: Percentage of account balance to close all pair trades
MaxSpread: Max Spread